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Bee wrap

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BeeWrap is the Advanced Semi-Automatic Robot Wrapper.
BeeWrap is the mobile wrapping machine for palletized loads suitable for every shape, dimension and weight using stretch film.
It is provided with a digital control panel that allows, in a very easy and functional way, the programs management and the wrapping parameters set-up.

New Control Panel

BeeWrap has been equipped with a new control panel in order to pursue the same family feeling with the last product of the wrapping range: OneWrap.

The new modern design of the control panel offers at a glance the complete control of the wrapping cycle parameters. It is possible to store up to 10 different programs avoiding human mistakes and saving time.

Moreover, the control panel can be locked improving safety standards.

The control panel is divided in 4 main areas:

  1. working mode section to set single or double wrapping mode
  2. parameters setting section
  3. interactive section to get messages, to give inputs and to manage some manual features
  4. power section equipped with start – stop – homing keys, power switch and emergency stop

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